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What is Blueberry Kush?

Blueberry Kush is a fruity flower comes from a hybrid of the aptly named Blueberry which dates back to the 1970s as a product of exploratory breeding by DJ Short, and the famous legend that is OG Kush.

Just like its parent strain, Blueberry Kush has one hell of a high, with THC levels between 22-24%.  It is a very potent indica and serves as an awesome evening or night time strain.

If you are on the hunt for top weed strains, this one is worth a try, a winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, it is a real legendary strain.


Buying Blueberry Kush Online

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Blueberry Kush Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

As the name suggests,  the flavors and aroma of Blueberry Kush are strongly reminiscent of sweet and fruity berries, but upon closer inspection, there are interesting smells and tastes going on here.

With a fresh berry aroma upon first look, this is one of those smokes that provide instant relaxation, but soon after lighting, you will be hit with a strong aroma of herbs and earth.

This bud is coated in a sticky resin and is full of trichomes, giving it a white appearance, encased in long green leaves. It grows to a medium height and isn’t too big when compared to many other cannabis plants.

Fans of sweet and fruity strains will love the smell and taste of this bud; it has a pleasure on the senses in every way!


How to Grow Blueberry Kush

Ambitious growers may want to give this a try, but be warned.  Whether you want to grow it indoors or outdoors, this plant requires a lot of attention and isn’t for beginner growers.

Depending on your preferences you can successfully cultivate Blueberry Kush indoors or out; however, indoor growth will provides a smaller yield but of much better quality. Meanwhile, outdoor growth gives a healthy growth rate but requires a lot of sunlight.

If you want to grow Blueberry Kush inside, you can expect around 8 ounces per square meter, compared to around 23 ounces per plant when you grow it outside. We suggest outdoor growth as these plants are so versatile and very resistant to most diseases.

Blueberry Kush will flower between 8-10 weeks and harvests can be done from the end of September up through to the end of November.

Medicinal Benefits of Blueberry Kush Strain

As any true indica will, Blueberry Kush will help you relax and unwind; however, it has been known to leave many smokers in a couch-lock state, so choose carefully, if this isn’t what you want.

Anxiety, depression, and stress patients have opted for it as it offers a potent uplifting high that leaves users relaxed and calm. However, thanks to the strong body high this is also a great option to treat pain and muscle spasms, as well as nausea.

It is often referred to as one of the best medical cannabis strains on the market, and great for raising mood and appetite, fighting nausea and pain and helping in a healthy night sleep.

However, its CBD levels are very low coming in at less than 1%, so those looking to treat certain conditions should potentially look at other strains with higher CBD.


Side Effects of Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush is a very potent strain, as such, it has been known to cause some unwanted effects in those patients who are less used to high THC levels. We recommend any user to take it easy and allow the high to take effect.

Some users report dry mouth and eyes as well as red eyes and the possibility of panic. We suggest that patients suffering from severe anxiety should steer clear of this flower.

Final thoughts: What Are You Waiting for?

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