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Cali weed tins

CaliTins are a popular type of packaging containers, especially in the context of medical cannabis. These tins are designed with a small and sophisticated form factor, making them ideal for storing and preserving various products. Here are some key details about CaliTins:
  • Construction: CaliTins consist of three pieces – a food-grade tin can with a pull-ring mechanism for easy opening and resealing. The design ensures freshness and convenience.
  • Usage:
    • Medical Cannabis: CaliTins are commonly associated with medical cannabis packaging.
    • Food Packaging: They are also suitable for packaging other food items.
  • Features:
    • Pull-Ring Seal: The bottom plate of the tin is pressed into place to seal it. Once sealed, it can only be opened using the pull-ring.
    • Resealable Caps: Black plastic caps are included, which can be used both before and after opening to keep the contents fresh.
Whether you’re storing medical cannabis or other products, Cali Tins offer a practical and secure solution. Remember that they are designed for specific purposes and should be used accordingly BUY MARIJUANA ONLINE IN AUSTRALIA DISCREET SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE TO ALL AREAS IN: *WESTERN AUSTRALIA *THE NORTHERN TERRITORY *SOUTH AUSTRALIA *QUEENSLAND *NEW SOUTH WALES & ACT *VICTORIA *TASMANIA

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