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Effects – Dry mouth, dry eyes, uplifted mood, energy boost, happiness, creative vibe, relaxation, and unbridled euphoria and joy.

Relieves – fatigue, stress, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, and ADD/ADHD.


About Bruce Banner strain

Bruce Banner strain is a 60% Sativa dominant hybrid with an astounding potency (as the name would suggest) exceeding 28% THC.

Credited to Jason Holck (pronounced “Hulk”) of Dark Horse Genetics, it was bred from crossing Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush and can easily be identified by its distinct lemon-petrol aromas.

While the aromatics of Bruce Banner weed closely resemble its Strawberry Diesel mother, the flavor profile takes on a more sweet and earthy essence that is similar to OG Kush.

Bruce Banner strain price

While 5 distinct phenotypes of Bruce Banner strain price were bred by the founder, it was the 3rd variant (Bruce Banner #3) that gained widespread popularity. In fact, it holds the record for the most potent strain ever tested in the history of High Times Cannabis Cups.

Nearly as soon Bruce Banner strain for sale is inhaled, patients can expect an intense onset of psychoactive effects that harmonize into an exuberant creative spark, capable of loitering in the mind for quite some time.

The Indica genetics offer some balance by calming stiffness and tension that can be present in the body, generating a bit of a tingle with one’s extremities that complement an overall sense of well-being.

Patients can apply bruce banner strain to best assist with ADD/ADHD, Bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression.

The versatility of the strain also makes it effective at managing arthritic pain, alleviating symptoms of PTSD, and providing relief from nausea. Due to its striking potency, morning and daytime use is most appropriate.

Bruce banner weed

Bruce Banner weed(or Bruce Banner #3) carries exquisite shades of magenta that are subtly cast on lustrous lime green leaves. Fiery red hairs are laced amongst the almost glacial trichomes.

It can be grown both in and outdoors, flowers in about 63 days, and is capable of impressively high yields.


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